Kibbutzim to Visit in Israel

Kibbutzim were a central part of the development of Israel. Communities built on sharing, kibbutzim were, and some still are, based on everyone pitching in. In the original days of kibbutzim, there were children’s houses where all of the children were raised together, and communal dining halls. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, and all farm work was divided between the members of the community. For an outsider to join, there was usually a vote by the members.

Today, most kibbutzim have broken up, but there are still many that thrive in different capacities. Though there are no longer children’s houses, and most people eat in their own homes, property is regulated, and many still participate in work around the kibbutz. There are still both secular kibbutzim, and religious ones. While on your family trip to Israel, take some of your time to go visit a modern-day kibbutz and see what communal living is like.Here are some of the kibbutzim that welcome visitors:

Kibbutzim to Visit in Israel
Visiting a Kibbutz in Israel

Kibbutz Ketura

Located in the south, about fourty five minutes north of Eilat, Kibbutz Ketura is unique because of its pluralistic values. It was founded in 1973 by American immigrants, and continues to grow and thrive today. Kibbutz Ketura still works as a more traditional kibbutz, with communal decisions and shared property. Visit the kibbutz during your private tour in Israel, and understand more what it is like to live this communal lifestyle.

Kibbutz Lavi

Just outside of Tiberias is a religious kibbutz that welcomes visitors. Whether you want a tour or an overnight, it is a wonderful place to visit. From milking cows, to horseback riding, or even studying in the kibbutz Beit Midrash, there is something for everyone to enjoy.
Degania Bet – Created in 1920, Degania Bet is one of the oldest kibbutzim. Today, they continue to live a communal lifestyle, celebrating events together and farming. Additionally, Degania Bet has two factories, one for medical products and the other for farming machines. You can also spend the night at their resort with a free tour.

Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu

This kibbutz sits on the fertile land of the Beit Shean Valley, near the Sea of Galilee. A religious kibbutz, it houses around 300 members, which does not count children. During your visit, be sure to tour the organic farm and learn about preservation of the world around us. Be sure to join the members of the kibbutz for lunch either before or after your tour to get a feel for the people who live there!


Whether you are looking for just a luxury day tours in israel during your visit, or an all-inclusive tour, Dekel Tours is happy to include a visit to a kibbutz in your itinerary. While you are here, it is important to take advantage and see the unique communities that played such a big role in the creation of the Jewish State. Some of the greatest farming, organic, and ecological innovations come out of these areas. Meet with people who believe in the goals of kibbutz life, and see why they love living there so much.