Jilabun Stream


Jilabun - day tour in IsraelOne of the most beautiful streams to hike in the Golan Heights. The gushing water all around the year created vertical rock walls, two impressive, refreshing waterfalls you will want to get wet under on a summer day and natural pools – one is called Officers’ Pool which was built during the 50’s by the Syrian soldiers, for their officers to bathe in on their free time‎. Hikers love Jilabun nature reserve for its many trails that go all the way to the Hula Valley. For those of you who like to explore on a private day tour in Israel, a short historical walk will reveal Jilabun Cave – one of a few basalt caves found in Israel, an ancient windmill, Debora Arches and remains of the synagogue in Kfar Dvora. 



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