Israel’s Favorite Hot Springs

 From Hamat Gader to Hamei Tverya and the Dead Sea, Israel’s hot springs are fun for the whole family and make for a great addition to any private tours in Israel. This blog will entice you to extend your day trips to the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea to visit the local hot pools near these famous cool bodies of water. Also stay tuned for Part Two, which will cover some great springs which are a little bit more off the “beaten bath.”

Hamei Tverya

If you’ve already planned a trip to the Kineret / Sea of Galilee during your Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel or your Bat mitzvah tour in Israel, then don’t miss Hamei Tverya, aka the Tiberias Hot Springs! Located on Route 90 on the South side of the city of Tverya and across from the Rimonim Tiberias Hotel, visitors to the hot springs are treated to 17 distinct springs flowing from 600 feet below sea level into the lovely indoor and outdoor pools. There is also Sea of Galilee beach access, a lap pool which the establishment heats in the winter, a gym, wet and dry saunas, massage and mud wraps.

The springs are said to have curative powers which are even mentioned in the Talmud. And for those who prefer the springs less-developed, you can find such an option at the nearby Hamat Tiberias National Park. And there you can also see an ancient synagogue with a mosaic from the times of the Sanhedrin.

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Hamat Gader

Also located South-East of the Kineret, aka the Sea of Galilee, is one of the oldest developed hot-springs locations in Israel. Being used as long as 1800 years ago, Hamat Gader is the site of the ancient Roman city of Gadera, and today boasts one of the most extensive and most fun-for-the-whole-family sites in the Middle East.

Hamat Gader boasts three pools, including hot and regular pools, a kids pool, and a waterslide.There are an alligator petting and feeding area, interesting shows including trained parrots, and plenty of fast food and restaurant options as well. Visitors can stay in the designated camping spots or in the Spa Village Hotel. But if you stay in the hotel, you’ll get access to lovely spa and series of quiet and private pools that are reserved just for hotel guests.

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Dead Sea

One spot you’re sure to visit when touring Israel Luxury day tours is the Dead Sea, and you’ll hopefully have time to visit the beautiful sweet-water waterfalls of Ein Gedi while you’re at it. But don’t forget, the Dead Sea also boasts wonderful hot springs, in both developed, and undeveloped versions.

The developed version, in this case, is called the Ein Gedi Spa, and serves up peace, tranquility, and the option to soak in either the steaming hot sulphur springs, bathe in therapeutic mud, or soak in the 30% salinity offered by the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea, or the Yam HaMelach, in Hebrew itself.

the dead sea in Israel

For those who prefer less developed hot springs, and are willing to brave the steep hike down to the water and back up again, check out Nahal Kedem, which for years was a well-kept secret by locals and features a series of steaming hot pools right by the edge of the saltiest sea in the world. The sulfur springs are not salty themselves, but they are extremely hot, so beware! Also, keep in mind there are literally no services at the location, so you’ll have to carry your own fresh water down – both for drinking, and to wash your body off after bathing in the Dead Sea.

private tour in the dead sea

Whether you prefer history, luxury or adventure, Israel’s favorite hot springs locations are a fantastic addition to any family trips to Israel. This blog discusses the Sea of Galilee and Dead Sea regions but stays tuned, because Part Two of our virtual hot springs tour will introduce you to some wonderful locations that may not be on your typical tourist route. We at Dekel Tours love helping you discover Israel’s most stunning natural and historical wonders on your tour in Israel – and Israel’s hot springs are surely some of the best!



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