Choosing Hotels

How we Choose Hotels for your Private Tour In Israel

Choosing hotels for your private tour in Israel can be quite an ordeal. Let Dekel Tours handle the arrangements, and we’ll find the best hotels for your party’s needs and preferences. As a local travel agency, we know first-hand what you can expect at each of the hotels we choose for you, so you can be sure that your hotels will have everything you’ll need to make your dream Israel trip a reality – at preferential rates!

When we’re looking for hotels, we take a number of factors into consideration. We’ll be sure to choose hotels that make geographic sense with your itinerary, offer all the amenities you’re looking for within your budget, and have room configurations that work for your party. We take all the guess-work out of the hotel search and narrow down the list to a few great options. That way you can be sure that any choice you make will be the right one for you. And because we’re not limited to a small number of hotel partners, we’re happy to work with any hotel in Israel so we can be sure that we’re truly offering you the best hotels for your needs. Let your Israel Tour Specialist know about any special requests, including if you’d like to book a particular hotel. Ask us about recommendations for Bar and Bat Mitzvah trips to Israel

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Useful Information about Israel Hotels

Hotel Ratings:


4 Star Boutique. Boutique hotels tend to be smaller hotels with limited public space. Typically, they will only have a small lobby, a dining room for breakfast, and the guest rooms, though here and there you might find a lounge. Boutique hotels also have smaller rooms, on average. However, what they lack in space, they often make up for in styling and interesting themes.

4 Star. Four-star hotels are usually larger hotels with more public amenities, including restaurants, bars, spas, lounges, larger lobbies, etc. Room sizes are slightly larger, on average, than at boutique hotels, and you’re more likely to find pools and fitness rooms at this level.

5 Star. Five-star hotels in Israel are also larger hotels, like the four-star options, but overall quality tends to be higher. You’ll find larger guest rooms with a more high-end feel, and five-star hotels generally offer more and nicer amenities (such as ornate lobbies, restaurants, executive lounges, spas, fitness centers, pools, concierge services, etc.).


Hotel Guestrooms:


On the whole, Israeli hotel rooms tend to run a bit smaller than typical American hotel rooms (they’re closer in size to European hotel rooms), but room sizes usually increase as you go up in room category. Additionally, only a select few Israeli hotels have King sized beds in their rooms; however, double beds here are typically closer in size to a King than to a Queen.

If you request separate beds, you can expect a room with two twin-sized beds, rather than two doubles.

If you’re hoping for a triple occupancy room, please be aware that this typically involves a pull-out couch or a roll-away bed, so this option is best suited for children. Very few hotels offer a quadruple occupancy room, though some hotels do offer family-friendly options, including family suites, adjoining rooms, or connecting rooms. Ask us about booking hotels for your family trip to Israel.


Hotel Dining:


Hotels typically offer large, impressive breakfast buffets with Israeli-style breakfast options:

      • Large arrays of interesting salads and cold dishes
      • Nice selections of cheeses, breads and sweet-rolls, and smoked fish
      • Cold cereals, yogurts, fresh and dried fruits
      • Some hot options, including shakshuka (a traditional Israeli dish of baked tomatoes and eggs) and roasted vegetables
      • Many hotels offer egg/omelet stations and some even have pancakes and waffles
      • Full-service espresso/coffee bar


Some hotels offer dinner or have restaurants with dinner options. We usually recommend dining about town when you’re staying in a city with many options. If you’re staying in a more remote area, such as the north or the south, we’ll set you up with dinner at your hotel as there are fewer options for dining out in the vicinity of your hotel.

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