Hotel accommodation for family trips to Israel


Family trips to Israel
Family trips to Israel

A family trip to Israel is an opportunity to change your routine, relax and experience new things. In addition, it is a perfect occasion to strengthen your family tiesand reconnect. Best part of all, you and your family will create shared memories to cherish for many years to come.

Having a Bar and Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel add another aspect to the celebration, by deepening the connection to the Jewish identity as well as with Israel. Many times, when a Bar or Bat Mitzvah trip is planned, the entire extended family also joins, including grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins – which can be an empowering experience for everyone.

Sleeping arrangements is one of the important elements involved in planning this kind of trip, and which will greatly affect the entire trip. Israel offers a wide variety of options in this respect. From hotels to bed & breakfasts, there are many places which are suitable for families.


Hotels in Israel


Mount Zion Hotel - Deluxe Suite
Mount Zion Hotel – Deluxe Suite

Most families find hotels as the ideal solution, especially when accompanied by small children. Usually hotels offer various types of rooms, from standard rooms for couples with one or two kids, to luxurious suites with at least two bedrooms.

The vast majority of hotels in popular locations like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Dead Sea and Eilat, provide rooms that are suitable for families and include a wide range of activities and entertainment for children. Certain hotels offer additional services such as babysitting, baby cribs, high chairs and kids’ menus. In the evenings, you can enjoy the hotel’s nightclub, a live show presented by the hotel entertainment group and more.

All-inclusive packages are favored by many families who come for a restful vacation and not for the day-long travel-oriented nature tours or visits to sites and attractions. For these families, it is recommended to choose a hotel on the beach with a pool. Many places offer beach and water sport activities for amateurs of extreme sports, so when some will be surfing or playing volleyball, the rest of the family can relax on the beach, by the pool or even enjoy a spa treatment.




Nof Ginosar Village - Superior Room
Nof Ginosar Village – Superior Room

Another accommodation option for your stay in Israel, is renting a room in a guesthouse. There are many guesthouses  across the country, mostly in kibbutzim and rural areas. Guesthouses accommodation is a great solution for families which prefer a more active type of vacation. They provide a kind of escapism from the lively city straight to the fresh air and relaxed atmosphere of the countryside.

Most guesthouses offer B&B packages and feature an accessorized kitchen in which families can cook their own meals. Guesthouses are usually less expensive than hotels and provide practical solutions for families that plan to spend most of the day traveling in nature or visiting different sites and therefore need overnight accommodations. Along with guesthouses that offer basic sleeping arrangements, there are also luxury and suite types of guesthouses.


Custom trip to Israel


kids photographing in the dead sea
Family trips to Israel

Planning a family trip to Israel can be a challenging task. It is not always easy to decide which sleeping arrangement is best for you, which guesthouse or hotel is preferable with respect to your family’s lifestyle and character, and to the distance between the sites and attractions you are interested in.

Therefore, many families choose the option of an organized trip as opposed to traveling independently. Custom family trips to Israel are a third option which enables you to enjoy the best of both worlds – a professional travel agency that takes care of all the fine details of the trip, including sleeping arrangements, with everything personally designed to fit your specific family and its needs and wants.

Dekel Tours offers custom family trips to Israel. Whether you are coming to Israel for a vacation, interested in a Bat or Bar mitzvah tour in Israel, or coming for any other reason, Dekel Tours provides you with a personally tailored trip plan, so your tour is different, because your family is unique. The trip plan is established according to the desired dates, number and ages of the family members, family interests, etc. During a free trip consultation you can tell us what is important to you, what would you like to see or experience and we will take care of that, as well as everything else. All you have to do is pack your baggage…


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