Family Trips to the Jerusalem Hills


Family trip in JerusalemJerusalem is the most popular tourist city in Israel. People from all over the world choose to visit this city which is sacred to the three monotheistic religions. The reason for the visit can be a religious one such as a Bat or a Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel, or be part of a tour of the Holy Land with its visits to the sacred sites related to Christianity. And yet, many visitors come for a vacation, to visit relatives, on business, or for other reasons.

Whatever the reason, a trip to Israel would not be complete without a visit to Jerusalem. In fact, Jerusalem and the surrounding area offer so much, that you can spend days and even weeks in this region alone. In addition to the many locations within the city, the Jerusalem Hills offer many attractions for nature lovers.

The Jerusalem Hills have many trails and attractions that visitors will appreciate. This historically settled region is a gateway to Jerusalem and as such it is filled with the reminders of villages, gardens and springs nestled in a wild and verdant natural setting. If you are interested in discovering the natural surroundings in the outskirts of Jerusalem as part of a family trip to Israel, it is important to remember that if you travel with children, especially small children, you should pick trails which are not too rugged and which offer unique attractions to interest the children.

Below are two options for recommended family tours in the region of the Jerusalem Hills:


Sataf Springs

Sataf is just 10 minutes from Jerusalem. There is no entrance fee and you can enjoy walking the winding paths with their picturesque mountain landscape, between springs and ancient agricultural areas. Here are the remains of a former village and there are still two springs to this day which are among the most impressive in the region of the Jerusalem Hills, Ein Sataf and Ein Bichora. These springs used to irrigate dozens of dunams of gardens and terraces and they are surrounded by olive and almond groves. The splendid combination of gardens, springs and forests makes Sataf one of the more popular tourist sites in the Jerusalem Hills.

Avshalom Cave (Soreq Cave)

The Avshalom Cave nature reserve includes a lovely stalactite cave, one of the most beautiful in Israel and perhaps in the world. The cave was excavated in 1968 during work in the Har Tuv quarry. It is about 4800 m² and has a wide variety of stalactites and stalagmites and also a number of small pools. Tours in the cave are possible only with a guide from the reserve. For a family trip, there is no need to book ahead, but large groups are recommended to book in advance.


Custom family trips to Israel



Family trips to the holy landDekel Tours offers custom family trips to Israel. Each tour is designed specifically for the family according to the family members and their interests. Dekel Tours provides all-inclusive tour packages and takes care of all details of the trip, from flights and sleeping arrangements to the tours themselves and additional attractions, restaurants, etc. Among other things, Dekel Tours specializes in Bar and Bat Mitzvah tours in Israel and makes all the arrangements related to the exciting ceremony.

In addition to its all-inclusive tour packges, Dekel Tours also offers day trips with private guides who will make every tour a fun and fascinating experience for the entire family. All Dekel Tours guides are certified, speak English and have experience in their fields.

Dekel Tours offers a free trip consultation. Tell us when you are interested in while visiting Israel, where you would like to go and what you would like to see and experience and we will make that dream come true for you.


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