Family trips to Israel with teenagers

teenagers and the tour busPlanning a family trip to Israel with teenagers can be quite the challenge. During their teens your children strive to be independent, yet they still require supervision and guidance. It is important to design your trip so that it will be interesting for the children and they will be actively involved in the experience instead of staring at a mobile screen throughout the whole vacation. Planning a trip is even more challenging if your family includes both teenagers and smaller children. Different ages require different kinds of attractions and activities and the personal interests of all involved can add a lot of difficulty to the planning stages.

Personally designed trips

Careful planning of a family trip to Israel so that it is personally designed for your family and the interests of all its members, including the teenagers, will ensure that your children will cooperate and enjoy the entire trip. A tailor-made trip can guarantee a fun experience, one that will unify and be and create memories for the entire family.

Dekel Tours offers all-inclusive packages of custom family trips to Israel. The company offers a free consultation during which you can tell the representative everything about your unique family and its members, the number of children, their ages and interests, what is important to you, and more. This information allows Dekel Tours to design the perfect trip especially for you.

Planning a family trip to Israel

Family tours to IsraelOne of the most important things is to allow the teenagers to participate right from the planning stages of the trip. The more the teenagers are involved in this stage, the more they can contribute to choosing the attractions and locations which interest them, and this is a great way to motivate for the coming family vacation. Among other things, you can leave room for their interests and hobbies during your customized private tour in Israel. For example, you can add some extreme sports activities to the trip, or something with an emphasis on photography, cooking, or any other field they may be interested in. Of course, the journeys and tours will be arranged at a pace suitable for you and your children, and will provide opportunities for relaxation by the hotel pool or on a beautiful beach, and even shopping. Tell us what is important to you, and we at Dekel Tours will make sure it happens on your personalized visit to Israel. In addition to ideas that will come up in the discussion with the children, if you prefer Dekel Tours can offer ideas for tours, attractions and day trips in Israel which according to our vast experience are most suitable for teenagers. We can also provide you with information on special events and festivals that are scheduled to take place during the dates of the trip and which might interest you and your children.

Private tour guide

During the tour, you will be accompanied by an English-speaking Israel private tour guide who is experienced in accompanying families with teenagers and knows how to reach them and spark their interest in every experience. Unlike an organized group tour in which you are dependent on the group and its tight schedule, a family trip to Israel designed by Dekel Tours especially for your family gives you great flexibility. There are certain stages in the trip in which you can split apart, so that both parents and teenagers will be able to enjoy different activities, and meet back up later, happy and satisfied.

At Dekel Tours, we are highly experienced in planning trips for families and we know how to turn even educational experiences into fun and interesting moments for teenagers. Our experienced guides can ensure that every activity and tour is fascinating and memorable. They will enable the entire family to experience challenges, sites, views and natural phenomena and make the encounter with Israeli culture and the local residents a highly enjoyable and attractive one.

Whether you are planning a Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel or a tour with older teens, Dekel Tours will design an extensive tour plan that will ideally meet your requirements and interests. Let Dekel Tours take care of everything, and come experience Israel for some memorable family moments.