Family trip to Jerusalem

When ya family traveling the old city of Jerusalemou are considering a family trip with the children, you might worry about a situation in which the children may get tired of walking or will be bored by some of the places you choose to visit. Jerusalem and its surroundings offer a wide selection of sites, views and attractions suitable for all ages.

variety of options

A trip to the capital of Israel can undoubtedly provide both religious or secular experiences, as well as historical and contemporary ones. But you may feel daunted by the considerable variety of options offered by Jerusalem and find it difficult to accurately plan you trip. Dekel Tours organizes custom family trips to Israel and will design your trip to Jerusalem while ensuring that it will be perfect for your family, requirements and interests. Dekel Tours has vast experience in planning family-oriented vacations with an emphasis on the choice of sites, activities and attractions that will interest all of the family members, according to everyone’s rhythm – children or adults.

sightseeing opportunities

the western wallJerusalem features a wide variety of walking tours and sightseeing opportunities. The city is sacred to the three monotheistic religions and offers its visitors a rich selection of history, culture, archeology and architectural sites and therefore attracts many travelers from all over the world. During the trip designed for you by Dekel Tours, you will be accompanied by an experienced Israel private tour guide who will add spice to the tour with fascinating stories and historical, cultural and nature-related facts, all relevant to the tour, location and in a language suitable for adults and children alike. Dekel Tours’ experienced guides have extensive knowledge of the city. They will capture the attention of both adults and children and direct it to the most fascinating subjects, turning the entire experience into a fun and unifying trip. Since Dekel Tours’ guides know the sites and attractions offered in the area,
you will also save on the costs of the local site-related guide and avoid falling into “tourist traps”.

experiential tour for all ages

Among the exciting attractions in Jerusalem, there is an experiential tour for all ages – a walk on and along the walls of the Old City. Here is an exciting stroll that provides a magnificent view. In addition, you can take a tour in the City of David, where you will see impressive archeology from the time of King David, and walk along the underground aqueduct constructed by King Hezekiah to bring water to Jerusalem and protect against sieges.

Machne Yehuda Market

A tour at Machne Yehuda Market in the center of the city is an authentic and unique Jerusalem experience for the entire family. The alleys of the market offer colors and fragrances, a most delightful atmosphere that will sweep you off your feet into a most splendid adventure of food and bargaining.

The Biblical Zoo

Family picture at the biblical zoo in JerusalemAnother great attraction for a family trip to Jerusalem is the Biblical Zoo, which is specifically constructed to present the animals in their natural environment, in order to offer the closest possible conditions to their original habitat. The animals are not caged but in specially-designed enclosures, and between the visitors and the animals there are ditches that prevent contact between them. The zoo is divided into areas, and each area features animals of a certain category (for example, the continent from which they are from).

Jerusalem also has beautiful green areas such as the Gazelle Valley, a natural home for three herds of gazelles, a variety of animals and local vegetation. The Jerusalem Bird Observatory also serves as a natural habitat and source of attraction for thousands of birds which can be observed in their natural setting. In addition, Jerusalem is surrounded by beautiful mountains and trails so that you can enjoy both nature and the view on a walk suitable to your family’s pace and abilities.

Gazelle Valley

torah reading at the western wallIf you are planning a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel and see in this tour an opportunity to connect with your Jewish roots and with the state of Israel, Dekel Tours will take care of all the arrangement related to the ceremony – at the Western Wall or any other site you prefer – and even take care of the planning for the celebration in a restaurant or an event hall. In addition, we can organize tours and trips to the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem, and other sites such as the Knesset or an IDF military base to meet with soldiers. Everything will be accompanied by a certified tour guide who will ensure that all goes smoothly with no delays or malfunctions.

Jerusalem offers a variety of options and there is no possible way to review all the sites and attractions in one page. Dekel Tours offers free trip consultation in order to understand what best interests you. With respect to the members of your family, your interests and your requirements, we will design the perfect tour package for you, all-inclusive from sleeping arrangements, transportation, sites, trails and attractions, restaurants, and more. Whether you prefer history and culture, nature, extreme sports, gastronomy or any other interest – your tour will be scheduled according to your wishes and what you are interested in experiencing during your visit in Jerusalem. Dekel Tours will organize the most suitable tour according to your interests and values and those of your family.