5 Family-Friendly Eilat Activities

Swim with the Dolphins 

Have a close encounter with bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat – right off the Eilat shores at Dolphin Reef. Experienced swimmers and divers can get right up close to the pod of peaceful dolphins that live off the Southern Beach. If you’re visiting Eilat as part of your private family Israel tour, this once-in-a-lifetime experience is not to be missed!

Private tours in Israel - Dolphinreef Eilat
Dolphin Reef in Eilat

Glass-Bottom Boat Ride

Enjoy the spectacular underwater scenery on a relaxing cruise on the Red Sea. You’ll float along the stunning coral reef and catch unparalleled views of the region’s unique aquatic flora and fauna. The whole family will love seeing all the colorful fish and plant-life. Relax on board with a drink or a snack while your knowledgeable guide points out all the many varieties of sea-life.

Camel Safari

No trip to Israel would be complete without an unforgettable camel ride. Go back to your Biblical roots for a bumpy camel safari in Israel’s southern desert. A camel safari is the perfect capstone to any trip to Israel, whether you’re coming for a Jewish family Israel tour for your child’s Bat or Bar Mitzvah or any other type of Israel adventure.

Camel Ranch Eilat

Water/Extreme Sports

Looking for a little adventure on your luxury vacation in Israel? Eilat has something to offer everyone: water skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, sky diving, and more! Want a little less adventure? No problem – your Israel private tour guide can point you in the direction of the best beaches for just taking it easy. Don’t forget to ask your personal Tour Specialist from Dekel Tours for suggestions for the best kiddie pools (or poolside bars) for you and your family’s perfect stay in Eilat.

Desert Jeep Tour

See some of the most breathtaking desert landscapes in the world, just a few minutes outside of Eilat. Climb over the rugged terrain in a well-equipped 4×4 vehicle, and enjoy the diverse rock formations, wadis, dunes, and natural sandstone “sculptures.” Stop to hear about desert wildlife or to explore a cave, and then watch the rocks change colors from tan to red to purple as the sun sets over the western hills. It’s the perfect way to end a day of fun in Eilat.

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