Learn what goes into preserving Israel’s unique landscape and natural resources.

Ecological Tourism in Israel

Israel is doing some amazing things in the fields of conservation and ecology. When visiting Israel you can experience hands-on what goes into preserving the country’s unique landscape and natural resources. From visits to solar farms and wildlife reserves to workshops on mud-brick building and sustainable food harvesting, it’s fun and easy to incorporate ecology into your private tour in Israel.

Sustainable Farming

For thousands of years, farmers here have been making the most of limited resources and a sometimes harsh growing climate. These days, Israel’s high-tech infrastructure has been playing a significant role in both small-scale and large-scale agriculture.

We love showing our visitors all the amazing ways Israel has been making the desert bloom: drip irrigation, tech-powered greenhouses, germinated ancient date seeds, the use of bees in advanced growing processes, and much more.

Picking mini bell peppers at a high-tech greenhouse on an ecological tour in Israel

Alternative Energy

One natural resource Israel has in abundance is sunshine, and solar power has been in use on a small scale for many years (many residential buildings have solar-powered water heaters). Generation 2.0 of solar power includes full-scale solar farms and solar power plants that are able to provide electricity for increasingly large areas.

While less widespread, other renewable energy production in Israel includes wind, hydroelectric, and biomass. Small-scale plants can be found all over the country, frequently on kibbutzim.

Nature and Wildlife Reserves

Visitors interested in ecology will love Israel’s vast network of nature and wildlife reserves, which accounts for upwards of 25% of the country’s land area. Conservation efforts include protecting plants and wildlife, cleaning and protecting springs and rivers, and recreating depleted natural habitats.

Israel is home to several distinct geographic/geologic regions including forests, deserts, dunes, plains, and more. Across this tiny country, you can find crystal clear forest streams and gushing waterfalls, a migratory bird and wildlife sanctuary, a coastal and marine life refuge, stalactite and stalagmite caves, an enormous crater carved out of stunning desert rock, and much more.


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