Daliyat Al Carmel


Private tours in Israel - Druze VillageIf you’re looking for a picturesque getaway, take a private tour in Israel to visit Daliyat-al-Carmel, Israel’s largest Druze village. It is located on the slopes of Mt. Carmel, which feature it with unique architecture, character and sunsets. The village is well known for the great hospitality offered by the residents, together with ethnic food and colorful market that holds dozens of stalls with different wares.  


The Druze Heritage house is on 8th Street where you can learn about the Druze lifestyle as they describe their ancient traditions. Nearby you will find the Shrine of Abu Ibrahim who is considered a prophet by the Druze.


On 22nd Street is the house of Sir Laurence Oliphant – an Englishman who loved the Holy Land and moved in 1880 as he wanted to help Jews during the First Aliya. Today the house serves as a military memorial to residents who gave their lives while serving the in IDF. From the front courtyard you can view the slopes of the Carmel.


Daliyat-al-Carmel has lots of narrow passageways that are worth wandering through but if you are more of a nature fan, Mt. Carmel is ideal for hiking!


In 2003 Daliyat-al-Carmel and Isfiya, another Druze village to the south, have merged into one town called Carmel City.


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