Customizing Your Trip To Israel

Are you ready to plan a trip to Israel? Whether it’s a solo trip, Bar or Bat Mitzvah trip, family trip or group trip, Dekel Tours is here to help customize your private tour in Israel. Because the tours are private, we work with you to design the trips to meet your personal needs. From start to finish, we work together to ensure that the trip is the best fit for you and your family or group. Nothing is ever final. If you every want any changes, we will do our best to make it happen. On a personalized, private tour, everything is flexible. 

Here is how the process works:

Initial phone call

when you reach out to us, we will set up a time to speak with you to learn what you expect of your trip. We want to learn about the people coming: their ages, their interests and hobbies, if anyone has been to Israel before, etc. We want to know if there is a goal for your trip, is it a Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel, a cultural experience, or just for fun? Our goal is to get to know you and understand what you are looking for

Planning an itinerary

once we have understood your wants and needs, we will take some time to put together an initial itinerary for you. If you are interested in art, maybe you will meet with an artist, if you are interested in the military, we can set up a trip to an army base, historians, there are unending historical sites and museums. After writing up your itinerary, we will send it to you to get your input. We can make any and all changes, add more free days, add more touring days, include more or fewer activities and meals. We will work together on the itinerary until it is just what you imagine

Compose a costing document

What about the money? After we have come up with an itinerary that makes you happy, we will put together the costing based on that itinerary. The costing will include everything you need: hotels, transportation, tour guide, entrance fees, and anything extra (trips to Petra, flights to Eilat, Bat Mitzvah ceremony and meal, etc.). Since it is an all-inclusive tour, we will then put this into a document as a lump sum, and give you the final per person cost. Just like the itinerary, however, we are then happy to go over the costing with you and discuss how to make it comfortable for your family. If you expected more meals, we can add some more in, if you already found hotels you want, we can change the hotels. Of course all changes will affect the cost, but as with the itinerary, we will work together so that you are happy with the final cost

Your visit

Once you arrive in Israel, don’t think that the customizing is over. Though everything will already be booked and ready for you, you are free to make changes along the way. Whether you decide you want a restaurant recommendation, or you hear about something that interests you that isn’t yet on your itinerary, we are here for your call and ready to switch things around. If you are loving a particular site, let your guide know, and he or she can expand your time there, enabling you to learn more and enjoy the site for longer. We and your guide are here for you throughout your trip to ensure that you get what you came for

With our customized tours, we ensure that your trip runs the way you envisioned it. No matter your budget, your interests, and your needs and wants, Dekel Tours is here to make it all happen.



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