Child-friendly attractions in Israel


Israel is an amazing destination for a family trip. Since Israeli culture is very family oriented, there are many attractions that are suitable for the entire family. With the right knowledge, you can plan the perfect trip to Israel that all family members will enjoy, from kids to grandparents.


Family Trips to Historical Sites


The Western Wall Tunnel
The Western Wall Tunnel

When planning a family trip to Israel, you should keep in mind that children won’t always appreciate the historical and cultural significance of some sites in the same way adults will. However, many places offer fun attractions for the entire family. For example, a tour to the Western Wall Tunnels in Jerusalem is an exciting experience for everyone! From the day the site opened, it has been visited by millions of people from all over the world and has become one of the most popular tourism sites in Jerusalem and indeed in Israel. The Western Wall Tunnels provide an insight into the Jerusalem of the 1st Century. Guided tours are available in many different languages, suited to all family members and different groups. While the children enjoy the experience of an underground tour, the adults enjoy an impressive lesson in Jewish history, archeology and about the topography of the city. Many families coming on a Bar or Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel, participate in this tour after a ceremony at the Western Wall. It is important to note that there is an admission fee to the tunnels and that due to the considerable number of visitors throughout the year, it is recommended to book tickets in advance.

Another fun and interesting experience for children and parents alike, is a tour to the Old City walls. This tour provides a fascinating viewpoint of Jerusalem from the top of the Old City walls- where you can admire the Old and New Cities, ancient Jerusalem neighborhoods, amazing sites in the area and the beautiful mountains surrounding it along with the Judean Desert. An inseparable part of the experience is peeking through the cracks in the wall at different sites near or above them, as you pass by.




Ein Yael is a popular museum in the Jerusalem area which showcases archeological findings including a Roman villa, baths, impressive mosaics, ancient terraces, springs and gardens. In addition, the site features agricultural equipment and workshops. Visitors to the Ein Yael Museum are welcome to join tours, take part in a variety of workshops in which they can participate in ancient tasks, watch performances and more.

The Science Museum in Jerusalem presents interactive exhibitions, accompanied by a wide range of activities for a greater understanding in the world of nature and technology. Another example of a museum in Israel which offers activities for children and the entire family is the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.


Nature Tours for the whole Family


Nature Tours for the whole Family in Ein Gedi
Ein Gedi

Israel offers hundreds of nature tours which are suitable for families and can be taken independently. Of course, if you prefer, you can also join professional tours. Traveling through the fascinating Israeli landscape is a wonderful way of strengthening family ties and connecting with the natural surroundings. In Israel, there are family-friendly trails available from north to south. You will discover beautiful paths passing by springs, fish ponds and forests, trails with amazing observation points and breathtaking landscapes, water trails, trails in the Judean Desert, cave visits, natural reserves with beautiful blooming flowers, bicycle paths and more.

If you are interested in combining nature with relaxation, it is recommended to include tours in the desert area around the Dead Sea, which offers relaxing moments along its salty beaches, floating in the water and enjoying the soothing feel of the mineral mud on your skin. If your family likes extreme sports, Israel offers a variety of adventure trails and similar attractions such as rock climbing, rafting, kayaking, jeep tours, camel rides and more.


Customized Family Trip to Israel


One of the best ways to ensure you will have a truly perfect tour, is to book a customized family trip to Israel. Dekel Tours is an Israeli agency which specializes in family trips to Israel, including Bat and Bar Mitzvah tours in Israel. Following a free trip consultation, Dekel Tours will construct a personally tailored trip for your family according to the defined dates, family composition, interests and needs, alongside with your preferences and suited to a specific budget.