When coming to Israel for your family Bar or Bat Mitzvah, even if you are not the athletic sort, boating options in Israel are an amazing way to enjoy your trip and create memories that will last a lifetime! Israel IS a land of adventure!




In the south, by the beautiful reefs, there are several options that allow for group activities with boats. The activities do not require any special boating knowledge, and can handle group numbers in the thirties! From speed boating to yachting parties for 30+, Fly on the Water is the place to bring your Israeli trip experience.

They offer speed boating, yachting, inner tubing and many other activities. Any dining experience comes with Kosher certification. You can even go fishing for your own supper! A sea adventure waiting to happen!

How about a sea experience where everything is found “under one mast”? The Sea Bell is the ship for you! The 100 foot yacht has three decks and even sports a hydraulic lift to allow movement challenged individuals access to the water. The ship offers all types of activities in the water, and five star dining and a bar while on board!



As mentioned in previous blog posts, the north coast of Israel also has sea adventures to please the eye of any one in your trip to Israel! Try a Tornado Boat cruise along the coast, for a very fast and fun experience! piloted by a guide, no prior boating knowledge is needed.

As with other tours, you have many options to what you purchase with your adventure. You can stay nice and “dry”, remembering this is a tornado boat, or enter the water for a swim! You can pack your own meal, or order from the company. An activity with many options to choose from!


The Sea of Galilee

If you are already bringing your Bat Mitzvah party to Israel, what better way to get into the spirit of things than to try an historical boating experience, that harkens back to life almost as it was 2000 years ago? Boats designed to appear as they did back then, run with electric motors, can handle groups from 2 to 200+! The boats will take you on an experience on the Galilee Sea, and again offers flexible activities for the whole party!

There are of course many, many more options to explore, but now you have someplace to start as you begin to plan your Bar/Bat Mitzvah adventure. Make the plan, and leave the work to the professionals that do this for your satisfaction!