Bat Mitzvah Tours in Jerusalem, Israel
Bat Mitzvah Tours in Israel

Many Jewish families choose to celebrate a Bat Mitzvah in a special way that creates an unforgettable experience for the whole family, a way in which strengthens the connection to its Jewish roots and the bond between the family members in a unique way – a Bat Mitzvah Tour in Israel.

Bat Mitzvah is an event in which the Jewish girl celebrates her 12th year, the age at which she commits to doing mitzvahs. In the past, it was customary to hold only a bar mitzvah, an event for boys who have reached the age of 13, in a ceremony that includes Aliyah (reading from the Torah) and a festive meal. Ceremonies for girls were not held traditionally and this is a relatively new custom that began in the 19th century.

Jewish practices

Today, celebrating a Bat Mitzvah is customary in different Jewish practices, though the characteristics of the event change between practices and sometimes vary within each one according to family beliefs and values. While in certain families Bat Mitzvah events have religious characteristics and are held in a synagogue, in others they are celebrated with no religious associations at all. Usually, these celebrations are held at home, at a restaurant or event hall.

Many Jewish families place great importance on celebrating Bat Mitzvah with a ceremony emphasizing Jewish identity, social responsibility, and other values. Many families also see great significance in the connection between Judaism and Israel, even if they do not live in the Israel. It is therefore not surprising that many Jewish families worldwide choose to hold the Bat Mitzvah ceremony in Israel.


Celebrating the Bat Mitzvah in Israel

Bat Mitzvah tour IsraelA Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel intensifies the experience and creates unforgettable memories for the entire family. Beyond the ceremony itself, a family trip to Israel can also be a fun and exciting holiday that strengthens the bond between the family members.

Dekel Tours offers private tours in Israel which are organized in a manner that caters uniquely to the family and their wishes, requirements and interests. As part of the tour, Dekel Tours takes care of all the requirements for the Bat Mitzvah ceremony, in the respect of your family values. Dekel Tours will make all the logistical arrangements necessary to organize the ceremony. You can choose to hold it at a traditional venue such as the Western Wall, at other venues with significant Jewish affinity such as Masada, or in a natural outdoor location. Dekel Tours will also help to arrange the Bat Mitzvah celebration at a restaurant or an event hall.

cultural and historical heritage sites

In addition to the Bat Mitzvah ceremony, as part of your Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel, Dekel Tours can incorporate visits to cultural and historical heritage sites, participate in community programs, go on nature tours, attractions and extreme sports activities etc. Dekel Tours can make reservations to restaurants, cultural events and more. If your family has a special interest in a hobby or food, sports, dance, music or any other – Dekel Tours will ensure it is highlighted in the tour planning.

all-inclusive vacation package

A Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel is an all-inclusive vacation package that is designed with the right balance of fun, education and values, according to your needs and wants. Dekel Tours will take care of every little detail: flights, hotels, daily schedule, restaurants, transportation within the country, and of course private tours. From the moment you arrive in Israel and until your departure, Dekel Tours’ dedicated representative is at your service for every question or need. Dekel Tours works with professional and experienced Israel private tour guides specializing in customized private tours with an emphasis on what is important to the specific family.

Dekel Tours is a specialist in the organization of Bat Mitzvah tours to Israel for small families as well as tours for the extended family. Whether or not this is your first visit to Israel, Dekel Tours will ensure that your tour is perfect, with marvelously memorable moments and experiences.

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