Ruins of an ancient synagogue in the Golan, Israel


Reliving the Lives of our Ancestors

Heritage Tours in Israel

Israel is known for its rich history and cultural significance. Regardless of your background, a visit to Israel is an amazing opportunity to get in touch with your ancestral roots. Read on to discover some of the unique ways you and your family can explore your cultural heritage.

A Simpler Time…

While museums and sites of archaeological importance are incredible ways to discover the past, there’s something special about actually experiencing those aspects of our history that have been replaced by centuries of technological and cultural development. Here are some of our favorite ways to connect with our ancestors:

Slow food

Before electricity and heavy machinery came along to revolutionize the way we cook and eat, everything was made in small batches by hand. We love bringing our guests back in time through interactive culinary experiences. Whether it’s baking pita over a fire, pressing olives in an antique press, or making your own cheese, creating slow food and sharing a communal meal is a fantastic experience for visitors of all ages.

Animals and shepherding

Our relationship with the natural world is fundamentally different from what it was for our ancestors. Animal experiences can be fun ways to learn about how families and communities of yore interacted with their four-legged counterparts. Visits to family farms and historic villages put us in contact with animals that many of us have never seen in person. These are the kinds of experiences that not only help us connect with our past but also create memories that last a lifetime.

Stories that come to life

Because Israel is so rich with history, there’s simply no way to see everything. This is why choosing the right kinds of places to visit really makes a difference. Walking through water tunnels under the Old City of Jerusalem, for example, it’s hard not to feel the history (you’re standing waist-deep in it, after all). Walking through the remains of the houses and synagogue in the mountain fortress of Masada, visitors are transported to the time of the Roman Revolt and the heroic battle that took place there. When your private tour guide tells the stories of these powerful places, it’s almost like you’re there in real-time.

Overhead view of the ancient mountain fortress of Masada, Israel


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