Agamon Hahula


Agamon Hahula - Family trips to IsraelIn the heart of Hula Valley is a nature reserve, considered a world-famous bird-watching site. Walking around the park you can follow the migrating birds, discover bird nests, and see other animals that are also seasonal, on their way elsewhere. The resort even has a big lake, so you really feel like you’re a part of nature. To have some extra while you’re here, hop on a mountain bike and cycle around the Hula, or enjoy a ride in a club cart! There are several bird observatories, fruit groves and waterways, where you can have a break and admire the view.  


The nature reserve also offers wonderful activities for family trips in Israel such as a special bird tagging presentation.  The reserve has been Agamon Hahula - Day tours in Israelknown to catch birds that have migrated over 10-15 years ago and has helped in preserving the natural habitat in the Hula Valley. 



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