Bat Mitzvah in Israel


Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel
Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel

A Bat Mitzvah is an exciting event in the life of a young girl and her family.  A shared trip to Israel, in which you can incorporate a ceremony and/or a party, is an original and unforgettable way for the whole family to mark the occasion. Dekel Tours offers customized family trips to Israel, which can include organizing all aspects of the Bat Mitzvah ceremony.  If you wish, we can also produce the Bat Mitzvah party.


Having your Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel organized by a professional specialist company allows you to enjoy quality family time and make the most of your time by visiting sites that interest you and your family all over the country, and celebrating this moving event with a ceremony and party in Israel.


A Bat Mitzvah event as part of A Family Trip to Israel


Bat Mitzvah tour in IsraelDekel Tours has extensive experience organizing Bat & Bar Mitzvah tours in Israel customized to the wishes of each and every family, depending on the intended dates, people attending, areas of interest and family values.  Among other things, this type of tour package includes:


  • Organizing the Bat Mitzvah ceremony – we take care of all the arrangements required for the ceremony, whether you wish to hold it at the Western Wall, in a Synagogue or elsewhere.
  • A party in an Events Hall or a Clubhouse – after the ceremony it is customary to celebrate in a restaurant, clubhouse or events hall. You can have the party in Jerusalem close to the ceremony or anywhere else in Israel.  We help arrange all aspects of the party, such as refreshments, music, coordination, and more.
  • Private tour in Israel – we take care of all the arrangements for your stay in Israel, from flights and accommodation, to the detailed scheduling of daily trips, visits to attractions, food, and more. You will enjoy a private tour in Israel, planned based on destinations that particularly interest you and what you wish to see and experience.


Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel


Bat Mitzvah tour in IsraelIsrael offers a wide variety of possibilities for exciting trips in the framework of a Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel.   There are fascinating cities with rich historical and cultural features, plus a large choice of wonderful walking tours in nature.  Israel also offers several extreme and challenging sports options, but if you prefer a relaxing, pampering holiday, you can enjoy an abundance of beaches from north to south.


Dekel Tours offers customized “all inclusive” holiday packages where we plan each and every detail of the perfect Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel for your daughter and the whole family.   You don’t have to take on the complicated and often stressful task of planning the trip, while worrying about unexpected surprises.  The choice of places to stay, sites to visit, attractions and so on will be according to your wishes and fields of interest.  As soon as you land in Israel, you will be accompanied by a qualified tour guide and personal transport services.


The trip will be organized around the main event – the Bat Mitzvah ceremony – and we therefore make sure to plan a relaxing day before the ceremony, so that you and your daughter can prepare for this moving event. The ceremony and/or party can take place on whichever day you choose, whether soon after you arrive, in the middle of the trip, or as the grand finale.  All the other days will be efficiently organized and planned around these events, so that you can get the most out of your time in Israel and give your daughter and the whole family an unforgettable experience.


In addition to customized “all inclusive” family packages, Dekel Tours also offers luxury day tours in Israel.  If you wish to plan most of your visit to Israel yourselves, we will be happy to assist you in planning one or more special day tours accompanied by a private guide.


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